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Developers are a vital part of your company's success. Whether you are building products for them or they are helping your main audience by augmenting your platform and filling the gaps, you want developers to choose you, and build great things with you.

This is where we come in. Along with our expert network, we have led teams and efforts across the spectrum of developer products and platforms. We have seen what it takes to succeed, whether it be building awareness and getting early usage or managing a massive ecosystem. Every situation is different, but we can bring decades of knowledge to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we have made.


Your DevRel / DevExp advisor. One of our founders will integrate tightly with your team, helping you with high-level goals and working to identify needs and opportunities in your developer strategy.

Your panel of world-class experts. If you're developing an Android SDK, you need an Android community expert to review those materials. This is the same for every platform and every vertical. Our team of experts can pop in and provide this expertise on short notice and with world-class quality.

Your library of DevRel specific learning materials. We offer a variety of self-learning materials and coached courses to uplevel your team. Writing? Public speaking? Video production? We've done it all a dozen times over and we can help your team ramp us with our knowledge.

Your Executive Coach. Getting into DevRel is overwhelming, and we are here to help you with proven GTM plans. What metrics make sense for you? How do you measure them? What should content plans or library development look like? Let us help.




A passionate technologist! I employ my strengths of: diverse understanding of software development and platforms, solving large problems by building and empowering world class engineering teams, the care of the details of product management as well as UX, and the communication skills to bring together and lead cross functional teams.

ABE HASKINS Advocacy/Content

Addicted to creating, I have a long track record of creating iconic materials around developer tools. From building in-person exhibitions, to videos, writings, and even educational games. I am a true multidisciplinarian who is just as thrilled by the human problems as the engineering and artistic ones.




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